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The R24 billion turnover problem and what to do about it

It’s not unknown that a local version of the "Great Resignation" is playing out in South Africa. According to data gathered by Remchannel from human resources departments of 82 South African companies, high resignation rates result from employees searching for flexible work structures and personal development opportunities after the pandemic. Many are also leaving their jobs to escape toxic workplaces.

Why quiet quitting is bad for your career

Quiet quitting is a new name given for an old phenomenon where disengaged employees decide to do as little as they can get away with. Human resource experts believe that since COVID-19, many employees (as much as 50%, according to have deliberately or inadvertently become “quiet quitters” as they look for alternative jobs or work-life balance.

What’s the best learning and development to keep your employees ahead of the curve?

If you haven’t completed any online training or e-learning courses for a while, you might be surprised to discover some new approaches to learning and development, especially in the online space. Do you know what microlearning is? Do you know if your employees favour personalised or experiential learning? Is asynchronous learning something that happens online?

Insights that will change your approach to corporate eLearning

The true scarce commodity of the near future will be the human attention span” - Satya Nadella, Microsoft

The modern workplace today is a stressful one, filled with disruptions. The average adult learner is already busy balancing home and work commitments, along with distractions from social media, all of which impact achieving their learning goals. Todays’ adult learners need a learning experience that fits into their busy lifestyles, that enriches and interests them, and enables them to learn in high disruption workspaces.